Karmic Journeys offers life changing experiences globally. 
Every experience aims to inspire and empower humans to gather together to take a step away from the busyness of life to find grounding in your hearts centre, in turn enabling your cup to feel full so that you can give to others, your community and your environment with integrity, energy, compassion and presence. 

By joining in one or more of these journeys you are committing to take a step in your life towards living more mindful and conscious lifestyle.
Come on a Karmic Journey if you have the desire to do more good in this world, to see more beauty in this world, to appreciate more goodness in yourself and the human race, to learn more about sustainability, yoga, meditation and an organic plant based lifestyle. 

A portion of every journey members registration will go towards the Karmic Journeys Scholarship fund - contributing to some one else's journey who isn't in a fortunate enough situation to be able to fund their own experience. Nominations are welcome and encouraged to who in the community you feel this is most deserving to go to.  

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