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Who we are and what we do.

About Us

Within every action there is reaction.. 


Karmic Journeys encourages education and awareness of ecological sustainability, regeneration and respect by bringing together like hearted people, empowering a sense of connection to self, community and nature, and INSPIRING profound TRANSFORMATION. 

Karmic Journeys was born out of a desire for more collective compassion, and conscious awareness. Karmic Journeys offers trips that focus on yoga, conservation and community service, around Australia and globally.

These journeys inspire others to do good in this world, through being good to ourselves, and educating/assisting others in need.

We utilise yoga and meditation as a tool for the evolution of human and environmental improvement.

The vision is to create life changing experiences for people that inspire them to use the tools learnt on their Karmic Journey to re-inspire, re-invigorate and re-energise their lives.

After your journey, you will go out into the world with knowledge and inspiration to leave a positive impact on this earth, have more energy and passion for life, with a thirst for wanting to take better care of yourself and the environment.

This time away for you, will be a reminder to that as you give back to yourself, it is important to give back to the world around us. As we give back to ourselves, we are fueled with love, inspiration and ENERGY to give back to others.


What do we offer?

This is your journey. You write the story

These Yoga retreats are unlike any other. They have purpose towards personal growth, that has a ripple effect out into the broader community and environment.
Join Lauren, and Guest Yoga Teachers on expansive, transformative journeys around Australia and Globally. Each Journey will be a dedication of service to inner and outer self, and the outer and inner universe outside of you. 


Each Karmic Journey retreat will all include

Daily Yoga classes/Workshops

- Culturally immersive experiences 
- Meditation and Somatic Mindfulness practice

- 4k videos & photos from the experience, so you can leave your technology alone! 
- A day of Karmic Service - Conservation or Community focused

- Overseas journeys will include a local translator when necessary and connection to culture
- Nourishing whole-food diet (Organic where possible)

- Eco friendly accomodation
- Guest teachers/Speakers

Already have a group of 7 people or more?
Karmic Journeys can even be customised for private group retreats!
Or to make new connections with like-minded people, you can join in on one of our journeys! 
We invite you to join us and be a part of the Human Evolution, towards living with more love, compassion and conscious awareness....

This is your journey. You write the story

Who's behind it all

Lauren Cuthbert, created Karmic Journeys from a deep inner karmic purpose to encourage and inspire people to re-think this journey of growth and spirituality as not only one for the self, but one for the collective.
For the universe, for the community, for the environment. 

Lauren Cuthbert infuses everything she does with an easeful joyous energy and a whole hearted devotion to inner and outer connection.
Lauren brings to her teaching a depth that traverses from strength to deep vulnerability, sincerity to playfulness and alignment to freedom.
From sharing yoga at the Rainbow Centre in Mullumbimby, to places in between Australia and the Himalayas of India, she fuses traditional concepts of Yoga with a modern twist.

She has experienced traveling to around 40 countries by her ripe mid twenties, and has lead overseas conservation expeditions ( with World Challenge and Rustic Pathways) to places such as Ecuador, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Fiji and many other places.. 

Based in Byron Bay, sharing her love for yoga Lauren teaches classes, workshops and hosts conservation focused yoga retreats globally. Upcoming journeys include our 2019 Byron Bay yoga retreat, 7-day meditation retreat in Thailand and our Yoga Meditation Retreat in India.

Lauren is passionate about sharing the benefits of mind/body/soul connection, bringing community together through connecting to the elements of nature, and facilitating life changing experiences for people.


With years of professional experience, taking groups overseas, Lauren is very excited to weave yoga, meditation and mindfulness into a completely holistic experience with community and the environment on these journeys. 

Upcoming Journeys

Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Thailand, India.. Where's  next on your list? Come along for a journey.


Upcoming Journeys

Do you have a group of friends or co-workers already who are itching to be fully immersed in yoga and in nature? 


Upcoming Journeys

Donate to some one in need's "Karmic Journey" experience. 
May all beings have the opportunity to live life in great abundance.

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