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Words from Karmic Journeys Tribe


Cosima from Home in the Heart Space - Thailand Journey 2019.

"I was drawn to this retreat because of its name, the name of the company and the location.
Little did I know when I booked that I was going to embark on a life changing, eye opening and loving experience.
Lauren, the retreat leader, radiates light, calm, love and joy.
She is the key element that made this retreat so special and incredible.
Lauren will lovingly guide you on your journey – whatever that may be for you – through yoga, meditation, discussions, giving back to the earth and human connection.
My experience on this retreat from the people to the food and accommodation to the activities was nothing short of incredible. I have a newfound sense of confidence in myself and my body thanks to Lauren and this retreat.

I highly recommend Lauren’s retreats to everyone.
No matter who you are or what your reason for coming on a retreat is you will come away changed and further along your journey. You will come away with a new found source of love and peace from within.

The yoga/meditation: Lauren has a very special style of teaching that I fell in love with. She teaches with so much love and belief in you.
All of us on the retreat came from different backgrounds with different practice levels and were all able to enjoy the yoga while challenging ourselves if we so wished.
Lauren has a beautiful voice that guides you through various flows or stretches.
She comes around to help adjust you and make sure you are not hurting yourself. Lauren has the ability to see your potential and, in yoga, helped me learn to trust my body and rely on it.

The more meditative evening sessions with yin yoga were beautiful and profound.
Lauren also includes laughter and joy in her sessions encouraging you to live, love and laugh.
The way Lauren guides a meditation session in such a safe space helped me have numerous insights and “aha moments”. It also allowed us to experience our emotions freely and to release whatever needed to be expressed.

I am so thankful for having found such a loving retreat leader who truly knows how to help people connect with themselves and with others and can foster such a safe space to evolve in.

The accommodation/food: I wish I could bring the cooks home with me! I was a bit worried when I started the retreat that I would be constantly hungry on a vegan diet but boy was I ever wrong. The food was amazing, fresh, filling and delicious. My body absolutely loved it and so did I! It was so good and beneficial that I have completely changed my diet.

The accommodation was just as gorgeous and extremely comfortable. The views we had were amazing, the resorts had great energy and you were never too hot or cold in your room. The resorts were nature-conscious which is such a key aspect when you want to make a little an impact as possible on the earth while traveling.

The activities: Lauren planned a variety of activities from snorkelling to beach clean-ups that were all fun and powerful experiences. The beach clean-ups were very powerful, emotional and eye-opening. What could have been a “chore” for some turned into an emotional experience of giving back to the earth by helping clean her up and bonding with the other people on the retreat as well as locals and other visitors who came to help.
Lauren made sure to organise our outings with experienced people who were energetically as kind and giving as she is. Our snorkelling outing was enhanced by the guides who took us out and the fun we had with them. Everyone that I met on this trip, be it from the Island or on the retreat, was loving, joyful and had something beautiful to share.

Overall this was a very special retreat.
You got time for yourself if you wanted and time to socialise and have interesting, though provoking conversations with a diverse group of people. I felt loved, in safe space that allowed me to start a healing process, delve into myself and work on my inner core. I have taken away so much from this retreat. I am more confident and trust myself more, I have a more open mind, I have made incredible connections and friends and have started on a journey of growth that I have been wanting to embark on for a very long time.
Back to my everyday life and routine I can feel that there has been a shift in me; I approach everything with different eyes now and a core of peace and love. I am excited to see what other profound changes have arisen from this retreat under Lauren’s guidance."


"I was involved with Karmic Journeys in Thailand - really great way to share time nature, away from the business of life with people who have huge hearts.Thank you for this experience!"


Dean Raphael; Home in the Heart Space - Thailand 2019.

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