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Byron Bay Yoga Retreat 2019


~ We will explore the multiple choices we have in our lives to make change, to allow ourselves to live in harmony with nature and within ourselves; and learn to not only sustain the health of the environment but how do we assist to regenerate mother earth to thrive in her full abundance.


~ EAT ~
5 days of indulging in organic, plant based diet by the amazing, Anthea Amore & Casper-

5 Nights/5 Days in a LUSH, secluded, STUNNING rainforest retreat amongst the trees in the heart of Byron Bay - over looking the ocean! This secret spot will BLOW you away!!
With salt water infinity pool, composting toilets, beautiful artisan turkish/indian interior and plenty of personal space in nature.

Inspired by nature, to educate you how you can make a difference. We journey into three aspects of how we can make a difference by using our head, heart and hands...


> How to quit plastics
> Discussion panel/ Q&A with local sustainable and regenerative business entrepreneurs in the Byron Bay region.
> Talk on moving towards a regenerative lifestyle with Ruth Sevigny
> Documentary screening followed by Discussion on - How can a plant based lifestyle benefit you and the environment?


> Heart opening meditation with Sarah Blangiardo
> Daily yoga to connect and ground you into your inner environment, and connect to the senses and stimulus in your outer environment with Love from Lauren
> Conscious ecstatic elemental DANCE activation journey to CELEBRATE life and connect to nature; with DJ Ria Rhythms!
> Unwinding/Rewiring movement meditation- A process of relearning what we already know deep down within our subconscious to bring us to the open spaciousness of your unprotected heart. It is important whilst we are educating ourselves on the present state of the world, that we continue to step back into our heart space.


> LUNARC studio | Abi Fincham
- We get messy with Mother Nature and unearth the art of natural dyeing.
A multi-sensory and immersive experience that will invite you to slow-down, reconnect and create mindfully.
We will explore the technique of bundle dyeing, using flowers and food waste to produce pattern and infuse natural pigment into the fibres. Consciously creating a one-of-a kind ethically made KarmicJourneys take home wearable, by harnessing nature's beautiful offerings, in particular, her incredible florals, with materials we will forage for in the forest at the lush retreat location.
Followed by an afternoon at one of Byron Bays pristine, secret, local beaches.
A very unique, special experience to head out into the open ocean with whale not for profit Humpbacks & High-Rises and appreciate the beauty of these magical creatures, whilst learning and contributing to whale research and conservation through data collection surveys and collecting photographic information of passing whales on the humpback high way.
Holly Richmond Founder of Kill The Shark Nets will be joining us to educate on this current situation, and be with us to witness/research these wonderful queens of the sea.

Regular scheduled quiet relaxation time - Choose to be by the salt water infinity pool, meditation in nature, in your room, or whatever your heart desires.

When you travel, in some way shape or form you inevitably evolve.
The change starts here with simple changes we can make to our travel plans, practices, and what lessons we can take home with us.


This head, heart and hands journey is inspired by nature, to educate you how you can make a difference in your life. Each day we discover new ways to live more a more ethical, conscious lifestyle through self awareness inquiry, unique activities and workshops..
We journey into three aspects of how we can make a difference by using our head, heart and hands..

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