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A Karmic Kranti Indian Immersion 2020
A Karmic Kranti Indian Immersion 2020
In this adventurous 2 week journey we will pave our way around the golden triangle, contributing to wildlife conservation, visit cultural /spirtual sites, experience the nature of India and connect with community. A very very special journey that will change your life without a doubt!
23 Nov 2020, 12:00 pm GMT+5:30 – 06 Dec 2020, 4:00 pm GMT+5:30

Yoga Meditation Cultural Retreat India 2020


Get ready for a life changing experience and journey to spiritual peace through North India. 

With 11 nights and 12 days of yoga, meditation, a clash of colour and a symphony of sound; Lauren and Sunita take you to various enchanting locations like Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra & Delhi.
Situated in nature's lap, dotted with many ancient temples, awesome architectural wonders a perfect journey for seeking peace and enlightenment. 

Of corse this wouldn’t be a Karmic Journey without an out pouring of love, from ourselves out in to the world, giving in what ever way we can. 

This journey will include special cultural exchanges, and wildlife conservation - as well as soaking up as much of the magic of North India as we possibly can in these 12 immersive days. 


Day 1/ November 29 - Delhi 


  • Arrive to Delhi. 

  • Begin the exciting 8 hour  journey to Pushkar in a private coach. 

  • Unwinding meditation and yoga 

  • Dinner and relaxation 

  • Stay in pushkar. 


Day 2/ November 30 - Pushkar 


  • Yoga and meditation 

  • Loving breakfast 

  • Welcome ceremony, discussion and intention setting. 

  • Guided bike ride around Rajasthan. 
    - Cycling is the most eco-friendly, healthy way of transportation & popular way for travelers to not only visit but to feel the destination. You will be provide cycles to enjoy the surroundings of rural Rajasthan on the wheels. 

  • 1pm - Lunch, chai and chill time

  • Guided walk around spiritual lake - surrounded by 52 ghats and numerous temples.
    - Pushkar is perhaps one of the oldest pilgrimage centre of Hindus which is widely known for the only Brahma temple in the country. For those interested in knowing more about the cultural heritage and Hinduism it is a delight to walk through these ghats and by lanes. Our local guides are well versed with the area who take you through these by lanes and ghats which is truly enriching

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren 

  • 7.30pm - Dinner and chill time 

  • Stay in Pushkar 


Day 3/ December 1st 


  • 6am - Sunrise walk and visit to Ratbagiri hill for an amazing panoramic view. 

  • Visit temples. Promise the hard work is well rewarded when you reach the top where you get an amazing panoramic view of the Pushkar town, surrounded by Aravali hills. Spend some time in the temple premises before you come down. The idols of both wives of Brahma – Gayatri and Savitri are installed here. 

  • 8.30am - Breakfast, chai and chill time 

  • 9.30am - Yoga with a local Indian teacher

  • Free time to explore for yourself, journal or relax. 

  • 1pm - Lunch 

  • 3pm - Rajasthani painting class with local artist and henna. 

  • 5.30pm - Yoga and meditation with Lauren 

  • 7.30pm - Dinner 

  • 8.30 - Evening social activity/ or solo chill time 


Day 4/ December 2nd 

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren

  • Nourishing breakfast 

  • Traditional Indian cooking lesson

  • 1pm - Lunch 

  • Partner yoga and meditation and talk about our cultural visit tomorrow. 

  • Visit to the ghats with Pandora
    - Hindu Priest, for drums and chanting. Hear him play the Nagara (drum).
    Listen to chants, & try your hand at playing the instrument. 

  • 7pm - Ragisthani folk dance and vegan barbeque

  • Sleep in Pushkar 


Day 5/ December 3rd - Pushkar 

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren

  • Cultural sharing with a local school to educate something through music or visuals about local pressing sustainability or welfare issue.  

  • Lunch 

  • Free time to explore Pushkar, or rest. 

  • 5.30pm - Yoga and meditation 

  • 7.30pm - Last dinner in Pushkar 


Day 6/ December 4th - Pushkar to Jaipur

  • Early yoga and meditation 

  • Breakfast and checkout

  • 3 hour drive to Jaipur 

  • Lunch in the city & visit to Jantar Mantar. Jaipur has the biggest stone observatory across the globe), visit Hawa Mahal, for a photo opp.

  • Check into to hotel, relax, chai time.. 

  • Optional sound & light show + walk into historic town of Amber. 

  • Temple visit 

  • 6.30 - Dinner

  • Half way journey reflection connection session. 

  • Stay overnight in Jaipur


Day 7/ December 5th - Jaipur 

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren 

  • Wandering of Jaipur
    - Watch & listen to the town come alive with temple bells, monkey & peacock sounds…..holy cows & people. 

  • Breakfast 

  • Visit to amber fort 

  • 1pm - Lunch in the city 

  • Exploring the pink city -  If we could not do all the listed places yesterday. We can explore those today.

  • 5.30pm - Yoga

  • 7.00pm - Dinner 

  • Stay overnight in Jaipur 


Day 8/ December 6th - Jaipur to Agra

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren

  • Breakfast and check out

  • Drive to Agra for 6 hours with a break at Keoladeo National Park. (that hosts thousands of birds, especially during the winter season. Over 230 species of birds are known to be resident.) Lunch either before or after the park. 

  • Settle in Agra

  • Optional Restorative yoga and meditation. 

  • 7.30pm - Dinner

  • Overnight in Agra 


Day 9/ December 7th - Agra 

  • TAJ MAHAL for sunrise. Spend time absorbing the magnificence of the mausoleum of love.
    The inlay work will amaze you

  • 9am - Breakfast at hotel 

  • 10am - Visit to Agra fort to learn about mugal emperor shah hahah and visit local artisans, to see how inlay craft is done on Marble. 

  • 1pm - Lunch at an amazing mysterious cafe.. 

  • 3pm - Free time

  • 7.30pm - Dinner

  • Overnight in Agra 


Day 10/December 8th - Agra 

  • Yoga and meditation with Lauren 

  • Breakfast 

  • Wildlife conservation at Wildlife SOS
    - One of the premier wildlife conservation organizations in India.They work across the whole of India and helps rescue bears, elephants, panthers, snakes, and many other animals from adverse situation.  They help conserve habitat through protection and education, minimize human-wildlife conflict through animal rescue, and work with government departments to craft wildlife friendly legislation. We will spend more than half a day at the Elephant center. Divide into ourselves to carry out the activities. Enclosure cleaning, setting mud beds, fruit & fodder feeding & bathing of elephants. You will have the unique opportunity to work alongside some incredible animals and gain the satisfaction that comes from helping to make a positive impact on their lives (and yours!). 

  • 7.30pm - Dinner 


Day 11/ December 9th - Agra to Delhi

  • Breakfast and 4 and a half hour drive to Delhi 

  • Check into Zorba 

  • Driving tour around New Delhi
    -  Explorethe sights of New Delhi, which were built by the British in the 1920s and are characterized by Sir Edwin Lutyens' architecture. Drive along Rajpath past the imposing India Gate, the Parliament building and Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President's palace. India Gate. 

  • Lunch at Dillon Haat - an amazing artisan outdoor market, where you can buy gifts & other things of interest from all over India. 

  • End your at Qutab Minar and head back to Zorba resort

  • 5.30pm - Yoga and meditation 

  • 7.30pm - Dinner 


Day 12th/ December 10th - Delhi

  • Morning yoga and meditation 

  • Breakfast at Zorba

  • Visit Old Delhi
    - Former centre of Mughul Power, Old Delhi offers ancient monuments, narrow streets and bustling bazaars. See the vast Red Fort, built in 1648, visit the Jamia Masjid, the greatest mosque in India and completed in 1658 by Shah Jahan as well as the final architectural extravagance of Shah Jahan. You'll then take a bicycle rickshaw along Chandni Chowk, the main street of Old Delhi. It's quite an experience as you get thrown into the colorful crowds of this shopping bazaar. We will head to  Sikh temple of Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.The gurudwara will be another beautiful experience. We will serve in the community kitchen & also have langar( a meal) at the gurudwara. From here continue to the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi. The  Gandhi Smriti. This is the sacred place where Mahatma Gandhi's epic life ended on January 30, 1948. The exhibit includes the room where he lived and the grounds where he held a prayer meeting every evening. It was here that he fell to the assassin's bullets. The building and the landscape are well-preserved and highlight the simple life of this extraordinary individual and his contributions to India's struggle for independence.

  • Return to resort and relax 

  • 7pm: Dinner


Day 13th/ December 11th - Delhi

  • Closing ceremony 

  • Breakfast and check out

  • Today is your last day in India :( Depending on the flight time, we  will be transferred  to the airport.
    Today we wish each other well on our journeys back home, and plan to meet again soon. We thank Mother India for her love and support and know that her red earth stained not only our feet, but our hearts forever. We hope you’ve had a wonderful time and trust that the lessons you’ve learned, people you’ve met and experiences you’ve shared will serve you in all your future endeavors. Safe travels and we hope to see you again soon!  

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